So you’d like to organise your own event? Fantastic!
The MacIntyre Fundraising team is here to support you with any ideas you may have to raise funds and to make your event a huge success.

A few ideas to consider when organising an event

The first step is to break your event down into ‘bite-sized’ chunks of work.

  • Costs
    How much will the event cost, how much do you want to make, and how will you cover your costs?
  • Venue
    Can you get somewhere for free? Is it accessible? Will there be parking available for guests?
  • Insurance
    Does the venue have insurance, or will you need to make your own arrangements?
  • Publicity
    How are you going to advertise your event? Will it appeal to the local press? If so – make sure you send out a press release. We can support you with writing a press release.
  • Licences
    Always remember to check if you need a food, drink or entertainment licence.
  • Corporate sponsorship
    Will any local companies sponsor you? If so, how will you approach them, and what will they want in return?

You may want to construct a simple timeline showing who is doing what, and when – all the way to the final day. This will allow you to check that all is running smoothly and on time.

Next steps

Once you have a plan you might like to

  • Download our handy resources from the Downloads section on this page
  • Contact the Fundraising team so we can
    • help you to promote your event
    • provide you with MacIntyre collecting tins
    • provide you with any other MacIntyre items – eg t-shirts – to wear at the event (we provide these for free)

We always love to hear about your events and share these on our website, social media and newsletters so please let us know what you’re up to and send us lots of photos!

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