Wills & Legacies

Leaving a gift to MacIntyre in your will means you can transform the lives of those we support for years to come.

We all know the future is unpredictable.  The only way to be sure your wishes are met and your loved ones and the causes you care about are looked after, whatever happens, is to make a will.  New arrivals in the family, weddings, retirement, and a host of other reasons make it important to update your will regularly.

It’s never too early and it’s easy to make changes to your will to reflect your changing circumstances.

When the time is right, and after you have made provision for your loved ones, please consider leaving a gift to MacIntyre in your Will.

MacIntyre has over 50 years of experience providing support to some of the most disabled children, young people and adults in society.  Renowned for our dedication and expertise we make the difference between existing day-to-day and leading a fulfilling life.

A gift in your will would help us reach out to more people and empower them to reach their potential.

We are proud to state that 100% of your gift will go directly to benefit the people we support; nothing is deducted for administrative costs.

To be ready to make a difference tomorrow
we must prepare today.


Duncan Strachan, one of MacIntyre’s Trustees, a solicitor, and whose sister is supported by MacIntyre says:

“It’s critical that families of people with disabilities take legal advice when preparing their wills, so as to ensure that the interests of all the family, including the disabled person, are taken into account.

A direct gift to someone in our care may result in the loss of valuable means tested benefits.  The person concerned can end up in a worse position than if the gift had never been made – which is the very last thing you want.  In many cases, a discretionary trust, created by a will, may be appropriate.  Trusts are a complex area, so MacIntyre has prepared a ‘Guide to Trusts’ leaflet which helps with some commonly asked questions.

However, each situation is different and we can’t stress strongly enough the need to ensure that legal advice is sought from an appropriately qualified professional.”

We understand this is an area that can be quite complex so we have detailed information ready for you, and of course we are always happy to talk, helping you with any of your questions.

Download our Guides to Trusts and Wills by clicking the links to the right.

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