Our Local Advisory Board (LAB) plays a key role in supporting MacIntyre’s Trustee Board to fulfil their regulatory duties by providing local scrutiny.

Particular focus is given to:

  • Implementation of the School Improvement Plan
  • Implementation of MacIntyre School’s Safeguarding Policy
  • Attainment and progress reports, including pupil premium
  • School Budgets
  • Recruitment, HR and staffing structures
  • Marketing and relationships with all local stakeholders
  • Other locally co-ordinated activities and forums

Supporting documents

View our Governance Responsibilities for the Local Advisory Board (LAB) and the wider MacIntyre structure:

Our Local Advisory Board

  • Sumerjit Ram – see contact details
    Chair of Board and ECYP Director
    Area of lead:
    – Safeguarding
    – Leadership and Management
    – Behaviour and Safety of Pupils
  • Fiona Veitch
    Principal Ex Officio
  • Catherine Clifford
    Deputy Principal (Education) Ex Officio
  • Catherine Warren
    Deputy Principal (Residential) Ex Officio
  • Chay Osler
    Community Representative
    Area of lead:
    – Community engagement
  • Mary Langan 
    Parent/Community Representative
  • Adam Goldstein
    Specialist Representative
    Area of lead:
    – 6th Form,
    – Outcomes for Pupils and Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
    – Leadership and Management
  • Pam Rozentals
    Specialist Representative
    Area of lead:
    – 6th Form
    – Outcomes for Pupils and Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Sarah Burslem
    Interim Trustee Representative and CEO
  • Sam Dutnall
    Staff (Residential) Representative
  • *Vacancy
    Student Representative

The CEO has an open invitation to attend all LAB meetings.

*If you would like to join the LAB please contact Sumerjit Ram the Chair of the Local Advisory Board to find out more on

Telephone 01908 230100 Email