Health & Therapy

We have a team of health professionals and specialists who support all the children and young people at MacIntyre School. The team use a systematic whole school approach based on the “WAVE” model. This has 3 tiers to enable support to be tailored for each child and young person. The “WAVE” approach allows us to design, plan and deliver effective and appropriate health and therapy provision. “WAVE 1” is universal support for all children and young people, for example through an effective Professional Learning Programme for staff, class and house strategies that support all annual review reports. “WAVE 2” is increasingly individualised support around particular needs, for example specific assessments, 1:1 interventions or group work. “WAVE 3” is focused on additional time limited assessments and interventions.

Our specialist team comprises of:

  • Head of Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Positive Behaviour Support Specialists
  • Music Therapy
  • School Nurse
  • Intensive Interaction Co-ordinator
  • Complimentary Therapy
  • Consultant Psychiatrists
  • Sessional and Commissioned Psychology
  • Optional purchase of specialist sessions or advice as needed

In addition a regular epilepsy clinic is held with epilepsy specialists, an annual dental screening programme and an annual immunisation programme. All children are registered with the local GP Practice, and are supported to attend any appointments at the GP Practice, Outpatients or clinics.

The Health and Therapy Team support all staff and work with families and other professionals to create a co-ordinated and consistent programme of support. The consistent approach enables children and young people to learn throughout the waking day in all settings. This is achieved through person centred planning, assessment of the child or young person’s health and therapy need, recommendations and/or intervention, Professional Learning Programme for staff, and coaching and mentoring for staff by the experienced Health and Therapy staff team.

The Health and Therapy team work in the classrooms and residential houses to provide an appropriate environment and equipment for each child or young person. An integrated approach ensures that every child and young person has their mental, physical, emotional health and well-being; their sensory processing needs; independent skills; and communication needs all identified and met.

Each child or young person has a named Health and Therapy Liaison person who oversees and co-ordinates their Health and Therapy Provision. The Health and Therapy Co-ordinators work closely with Linkworkers and all staff supporting the child or young person.

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