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We know that, whatever contact they have with MacIntyre, the one thing that means more than anything else to the people using our services is the way that we interact with them, every day and in all situations.

Great Interactions™ is the name MacIntyre gives its award winning way of working.  It is based on ten key facilitation skills, which when used well cumulatively result in good outcomes for the person.

 Great Interactions™ is a skilled way of working involving practice, feedback and reflection.  We strive to continuously improve the interactions of all our staff, first by observing a group of our best facilitators who were open to learning and had a creative approach to interaction, and then using this information to develop a recruitment, training and development strategy that would help all staff to emulate this practice.

As a result of Great Interactions™, we believe people who use our services are benefiting from being supported by staff who are more facilitative in their practice and who understand what it really means to deliver personalised services centred on the individual.

We have captured the journey of Great Interactions™ in a short book, which you can read online or alternatively, download. We hope that you will enjoy reading our story and that you will let us know what you think.

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