People Plus

An organisational development partnership programme with Groundswell Partnership and Community Catalysts.

MacIntyre is a learning organisation committed to continually improving and refining the way we work with people.

Our ‘Great Interactions™’ training programme is used across the sector and is understood as a beacon of good practice. Our development of ‘Great Interactions™’ has been highly influential in helping to benchmark what really good support should look like. It has directly influenced the Think Local Act Personal partnership in their thinking, leading to this recent advice about how all employers should look to develop best practice:

“Support professional development and equip staff so they can play their part in the shift to personalisation. Ensuring all interactions are respectful and encourage the increasing choice and control of the person’s support is at the heart of all personalised provision.”

At the same time, MacIntyre has pioneered the use of personality profiling in the selection of staff and has created the unique ‘MacIntyre Profile’ against which all recruits are screened. Following the publication of the Department of Health’s review into the lessons learned from the Panorama exposé of abuse at Winterbourne View, it is now government policy for all providers to adopt a similar profile.

However, we cannot rest on our laurels and we need to both continually learn from and lead the development of best practice to ensure our practice leads to truly great interactions and great support.

Over the coming year we will be embarking on a development programme, building on our success to date, which will reach into all parts of our organisation to refresh, renew, revitalise and deepen the ways in which our work can improve the lives of the people we support.

We will help the people we support and our staff to understand and find new ways to use their abilities and gifts.

We will ensure that everyone can find ways to contribute and feel valued and engaged. At the same time, we will be more connected with and contributing to the wider communities in which we live and work.

We are calling this programme of work MacIntyre People Plus

Excitingly, we will be working with two external partners to both challenge and help us in this endeavour: Groundswell Partnership and Community Catalysts. Both are cutting edge organisations in health and social care that, like MacIntyre, are highly respected and have a proven track record.

Our focus will be to learn how best to harness the gifts, skills and talents of the people with people we support and the people who work for us. By doing this we will build our capacity to continually learn from the people we support about how well things are working and what we can do together to improve how we support people.

We will also enhance our capacity for working inclusively and, all being well, we shall have fun along the way.

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