Person Centred Approaches

MacIntyre’s statement of values stresses the importance of placing an individual at the centre of their service. In keeping with that objective, Person Centred Approaches ensure that any individual using a MacIntyre service is always fully involved in decisions affecting all aspects of his or her life.

To provide a service that is truly person centred is to embark on a process of continual listening, learning and focussing on what is important to someone, now and in the future, then acting on this with their family, friends and anyone else the person wants to involve. As a result people will be assisted to work out what they want; they will agree the support they require and we, as the service provider, have the responsibility to then try and deliver it.

Person Centred Approaches rely on our creating an appropriate culture which, in turn, relies upon the development of MacIntyre as a person centred organisation. The objective is for everyone to have a life which makes sense to them, with outcomes decided by them.

At an individual level this means continuous communication with people using our services and with those who know them best. MacIntyre believes that everyone, irrespective of the complexity of his or her needs, wants to and does communicate. To provide a service that truly reflects and meets an individual’s unique needs, choices and aspirations, we must find the best way of engaging with each person.

Each person who uses a MacIntyre service has the right to expect support which will meet their day-to-day needs – including, where appropriate, their most intimate and health needs – while respecting, at all times, their preferences and individual routines.

In addition, they should expect that opportunities to achieve their goals, within the context of the service they are using, to be made available and that staff will work in a proactive way to continually find ways to overcome obstacles. Goals are constantly reviewed with each person and a forward looking, individually tailored planning process results.

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