Positive Behaviour Support

MacIntyre adopts a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) across all divisions and services through implementation of our PBS Policy and Good Practice Guides.

A PBS approach involves focusing on improvements to a person’s wellbeing, or quality of life.  Building wellbeing in a person-centred way is at the heart of MacIntyre’s DNA and our unique Great Interactions™.  This is embedded right through MacIntyre making our services ideal ‘PBS capable environments’.  Recently MacIntyre has invested significantly in building further specialist skills on top of these foundations and previous behaviour support approaches.  The introduction of PBS Coaches within all operational teams has been a key part of this strategy.  Coaches may be based in one service, or may support a number of teams in their local area through: training and mentoring; co-ordination of functional analysis (understanding the meaning behind a person’s behaviours of concern); PBS planning for individuals and supporting reductions in the use of practices which restrict people’s freedom and human rights.  PBS Coaches are supported by three lead practitioners who are clinically qualified, or are actively training as Behaviour Analysts and the team are supported through clinical supervision in association with external organisations.

Our PBS policy was written with input from a group of young people supported through one of our No Limits services and with support from the British Institute for Learning Disabilities Centre for the Advancement of PBS.  Continued involvement of people affected by behaviours of concern and external specialists at an individual, local and organisational level are key priorities in MacIntyre’s PBS Policy, Corporate Plan and Quality Strategy.

MacIntyre sets annual PBS targets and produces an annual report capturing learning and progress against these measures. Our current targets are illustrated below and the full report is available upon request.

Positive Behaviour Support Poster

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