MacIntyre is committed to the safeguarding of the adults, young people and children we support across the organisation. We apply the principles of the Care Act across all divisions and settings to ensure at all times that the wellbeing of the adult, young person or child is at the very centre of any safeguarding process.

Our operational Directors lead on all safeguarding activity, supported by the Head of Compliance & Safeguarding. Regular reports and updates are provided to our Trustee Board.

Any incidents are reported and collated centrally and reported on at the quarterly Safeguarding Group Meetings. These meetings are chaired by an operational Director, and attended by the CEO of the Ann Craft Trust as an external expert. The Group reviews all safeguarding incidents, shares best practice and reflects on organisational experiences in order to improve practice. Representatives from every area of the organisation then disseminate knowledge and learning within their areas.

Following the Safeguarding Group meetings, a newsletter ‘The Safeguardian’ is published, featuring articles written by members of the group and other employees; this is circulated throughout the organisation, and available via our intranet. We encourage contributions and feedback from all:-

‘The Safeguarding Group would like to hear from you about any Safeguarding issues that you think we should be looking at, what you are doing in your area to ensure that the people you support are safe or any other Safeguarding news that you think we should know about – your views are really important to us. The Group would very much welcome contributions for future issues of the ‘Safeguardian’, comments on this issue, or requests for matters to be dealt with.’

Staff at every level of the organisation undertake safeguarding training, a key part of this is the message to all of ‘if in doubt, raise it’ in reference to any concerns or queries that staff may have. MacIntyre encourages openness and transparency with all that we do – and will always support anyone who raises a concern in good faith.

In line with the MacIntyre Strategy, the Safeguarding Group have developed a clear Workplan to shape and direct all safeguarding activity across the organisation for the next two years. We have set ourselves ambitious targets in the form of Key Performance Indicators, focussed around improving outcomes for the people we support, and empowering them to speak up and take control in all areas of their lives.

The Workplan is available to download.

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