Supporting people with dementia or at risk of developing dementia

Everyone who uses a MacIntyre service has the right to expect support in a way that makes sense to them, whatever their age. We support an ageing population – those people we have supported for most of their life, as well as people who approach MacIntyre for a service as their needs change as they get older.

We use Person Centered Approaches to provide a service that reflects and meets the person’s needs, choices and aspirations. We support people to be ambitious and achieve their dreams – age is not a barrier; we challenge ageism and continually find ways to overcome obstacles.

It is well known that people with a learning disability still have poorer health than people without a learning disability. This often means that they are already at a disadvantage as they get older and have further health risks associated with getting older. We support people to access the appropriate NHS Health Checks, National Cancer Screening Programmes, Annual Health Checks for People with a Learning Disability, plus regular hearing, sight and dental checks.

MacIntyre currently supports over 50 people with a diagnosis of dementia or going through the dementia diagnosis process. We support people to live well with dementia by continually listening to them, being sensitive to their hopes and fears, being flexible and adapting the support offered. We ensure the environment is dementia friendly, has good signage and is easy to “get about”. To support the physical environment all MacIntyre staff are skilled in Great Interactions, and use the ten key facilitation skills.

We strive to support the person for as long as they want us to, and work with their circle of support to adapt the support offered to keep their independence for as long as possible. We support people at the end of life, using person centred approaches to ensure their wishes and needs are met to achieve a good death.

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