We have expertise in supporting people with dementia or at risk of developing dementia.

Everyone who uses a MacIntyre service has the right to expect support in a way that makes sense to them, whatever their age. We encourage the people we support to be ambitious and achieve their dreams.

Our staff support people to live well with dementia by making the environment dementia friendly, continuously listening to them, being sensitive to their hopes and fears, being flexible and adapting the support offered to keep their independence for as long as possible.

By working closely with the person’s network of friends, family and other relationships, we support people on all stages of the dementia pathway. From receiving the diagnosis, to post-diagnostic support, to living well and doing the things they enjoy, right through to end of life care, we use Person Centred Approaches to ensure the person’s wishes and needs are always met.


Sarah Ormston
Dementia Project Manager and Specialist Health Advisor

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