MacIntyre’s Dementia Project

In February 2016, MacIntyre was awarded a significant grant from the Department of Health’s Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development Fund. The application was made following the enormous success of MacIntyre’s Dementia Special Interest Group.

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The Department of Health Grant enables MacIntyre to create a range of learning and multi-media information resources to improve the support and care for people with learning disabilities who have dementia or are at risk of developing dementia. Not only will we create the resources and provide practice support, we are using a “before and after” research approach to evidence that all this improves health outcomes and supports people to live well with dementia.

We have called the project “The MacIntyre Dementia Project”, and it has been funded for three years. The three aims of the MacIntyre Dementia Project are to:

  • help raise awareness of dementia among people with a learning disability, their families and professionals to better understand the condition and future care
  • help people with a learning disability receive a timely diagnosis of dementia
  • train professionals to provide better care for people with learning disability living with or at risk of dementia

Beth Britton, a leading freelance campaigner, consultant, writer and blogger who specialises in dementia, is a key partner in the MacIntyre Dementia Project. Beth has been working with the DSIG and will advise us on the tools and resources we produce. Beth will also share her expertise to ensure the Dementia Project is at the forefront of dementia practice.

We are also working with The Evidence Centre, who provide organisations with independent support to develop evidence based solutions and practice. The Evidence Centre will help us to assess the feasibility and impact of the resources developed.

To ensure the Dementia Project meets the outcomes identified in the project plan and the criteria set by the Department of Health, a MacIntyre Dementia Project Steering Group has been set-up.

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