Safeguarding in MacIntyre: The Way Forward

MacIntyre is committed to the safeguarding of the adults, young people and children that we support. As part of this, MacIntyre’s Safeguarding group is in place to further strengthen the safeguarding work that already occurs across the organisation.

The Safeguarding group meets quarterly and meetings are chaired by an operational Director and attended by the CEO of the Ann Craft Trust as an external expert. The purpose of the group is to monitor and advise on safeguarding practices across the organisation in order to minimise the risks posed to the people we support. In particular, the group reviews all safeguarding incidents, shares best practice and reflects on organisational experiences in order to improve practice. Representatives from every area of the organisation then disseminate knowledge and learning with their areas.

In the first Safeguarding Meeting of 2017, numerous topics were discussed. These included the summary of safeguarding alerts made across the whole organisation in the last quarter (October – December 2016), the information entered on the Corporate Safeguarding Log and medicine, which was identified as an area of risk due to the nature of the concerns that can arise. The group always discuss how to involve the people we support in speaking up and raising alerts themselves as opposed to staff raising alerts on their behalf. The Safeguarding Group has set a challenging target for the organisation in this respect: that by the end of March 2018, 40% of all alerts will be raised by the people supported by MacIntyre.

Deborah Kitson, CEO of the Ann Craft Trust, said:

“As the external rep on the Safeguarding Group I have seen the energy and commitment that MacIntyre puts into keeping the people you support safe. Some organisations just want to tick the boxes but MacIntyre always strives to do more than that – the 40% target above is evidence that they want everyone – you and the people you support – to raise concerns and to make MacIntyre safe.”

The next Safeguarding group meeting will take place in May 2017. For more information, please contact Emma Killick (Director, Adult Services) by emailing

Telephone 01908 230100 Email