A Day with the MacIntyre Checkers

Recently Jackie Alexander and I had the privilege of working with the MacIntyre Checkers; a group of eight people who receive support from MacIntyre, but are also employed by MacIntyre to check the quality of our Easy Read information and give it a stamp of approval when it reaches the accessibility standard.

On the Wednesday we were with the group, it was fantastic to see how they work together and support each other. I was really struck by their professionalism and the fact that their standards are so high. No aspect of the Easy Read materials that they were checking went “unchecked” from the suitability of the photosymbols and wording to how the photosymbols were positioned.

However what really stood out was the way the group interact with each other. The group members all have very different support needs and all of these are met by their colleagues. I witnessed and felt fantastic warmth with great friendships that have developed during their time working alongside each other. What really impressed me though was their responsiveness to each other. If someone was struggling to find their place in the document this was always noticed by a colleague who would quietly guide them to the correct place. Or when someone had difficulty hearing me it was pointed out to me that they have difficulty hearing. All of this was done with real sensitivity. There was also great use of touch with a gentle massage on offer for stiff shoulders or a friendly arm around the shoulder.

It was a joy to be welcomed by the group and learn so much from them. If you get the chance do pop along and say ‘hello’ – they meet every second Wednesday in Warrington.

Catherine Farrell
Person Centred Approaches Advisor


  • Tess Marshall says:

    I remember when the Checkers group was first brought together – so great to see they are thriving!

  • Anne Wilshin says:

    Thank you to all the Checkers for the warm welcome I received when I visited last month!

  • Sarah Ormston says:

    I have been fortunate as well to spend a day recently with the Checkers.

    They are a great team and I agree with your comments, the support in the room is fantastic, they are kind and caring of each other and it is great to see.

    They also have a pretty tough job, making difficult documents accessible by all those in MacIntyre, so well done Checkers team!

  • Kate Webb says:

    What a lovely blog!! Sounds like great teamwork goes on! The checkers obviously have really good work ethics and are clearly a very important part of Macintyre.

  • Emma Killick says:

    Thanks Catherine – its lovely to have a glimpse into the way The Checkers work – we see their logo on so many documents now they really are a great asset to MacIntyre.

  • Tina Fairholm says:

    I am so pleased to hear the Checkers group are still going strong and working hard to check the quality of easy read information. I was privileged to be there at the very beginning when Checkers were first formed and I’m so pleased to read about how far the group have come. Keep up the fantastic work guys!

  • Jackie Alexander says:

    The Checkers are a great working team, they work well together, yet have fun and still look out for each other!

  • Carole Hodgson says:

    Oh those eagle eyed Checkers…. it’s no wonder they do such a great job when they work so well together and appreciate each others needs. They have checked quite a few things for the Keeping Safe Project and without exception documents are so much more accessible. Brilliant!

  • Natalie Macpherson says:

    Thanks for sharing Catherine. Sounds like they are a great, supportive team!

  • Gwenne McFadzean says:

    Thank you for such a lovely blog Catherine. I read it and all the comments to the Checkers today and they were thrilled by all the nice things everyone has said.

  • Andrea Parr says:

    What a great photo! Thanks for sharing Catherine, they do all work really great as a team and we are so happy when we receive the Checker’s stamp of approval for an easy read document. A great blog story!

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