A Lego Therapy trip to LEGOLAND

Recently, the No Limits Lego Therapy groups in Aylesbury went on a trip to LEGOLAND to experience Lego at a much larger scale! The group enjoyed going on rides, walking through the model Lego City and visiting the Star Wars exhibition. But don’t just take our word for it, the No Limits learners will tell you for themselves…


“We went to College first then we went in Jenny’s car with June and Caitlyn to LEGOLAND. When we arrived there we went on a water ride, we got wet which was fun! Then we went on the Lego Ninjargo ride, which was in 4D. I enjoyed that. We went on a pirate boat, it was really high, we went on a dragon ride, it was really fast. We went on another ride, it was a Viking ride, we had some lunch and then came home. It was a good day!”


“The Lego groups visited LEGOLAND. First we explored the Star Wars Lego exhibition, involving all the items and weapons that are used in the Lego film. Once we had visited the Star Wars exhibition we went on the first ride which was the jolly rocker which sent us very high, a pirate ride on a water track was next followed by the dragon rides. The Castle dragon ride was my favourite ride because the setting looked realistic and I literally screamed when the twists and turns came. Further on the trip around LEGOLAND, we enjoyed the 4D Ninjargo ride seeing all the action and martial arts put in to use using 3D glasses. We had lunch and went for a walk through the model city of Lego and one last water ride, we got a bit wet! My time at LEGOLAND was really enjoyable and I would like to come back again soon.”


“We arrived at LEGOLAND and had a look at the rides, the first ride we went on was the Jolly Rocker it went up and down. We went on a couple more rides such as the pirate fall was really fun, we got really wet. We also visited the Ninjargo ride which had a lot of technical plays which we saw in 3D glasses. The last ride we went on was the pirate waster based ride we got our feet wet. In conclusion I had a really fun time I’d love to go again, next time with my family.”


“The journey was very good, we walked to the entrance gates, we took some photos of the whole team. The rides opened at 10am-5pm. I went to the car rides in the darkness tunnel. The roller coaster takes two people on the rides. The roller coaster rides were fun. I had lunch, there were lunch tables and benches. The motorways were not too busy as there weren’t any road works. We left LEGOLAND at 2:45pm and got back to Aylesbury at 4pm. I had a good day at LEGOLAND and I recommend people to go there because they can enjoy the rides.”


“The group first went on the Lego Star Wars model set. I didn’t go in because it was really noisy. Next we went down to pirate shores and Lego Nexus nights where most of the group went on a Log Flume and Dragon rollercoaster. I actually was more interested in Fairy Tale Brook. It is still enjoyable and gentle, as I remember. I had a packed lunch, which had a banana, pate sandwich and yogurt. We then walked to the spinning water ride in the land of the Vikings where almost everyone went on before we went back to the Life Skills Centre. Despite the high pollen count and heat I had a wonderful time at LEGOLAND.”

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