A sensory day in London

We celebrated our one-year anniversary at Cypress Gardens in Essex in March – how time flies! One of the ladies that we support at Cypress Gardens is called Claire. Claire is blind and uses a wheelchair and really loves her radio.

A few weeks ago, a colleague and myself went on a trip with Claire to London for the day.

Firstly, we went with Claire to the Rainforest Café, which was great for a sensory aspect for Claire as it recreates the sounds of the Amazon rainforest so Claire was able to hear all of the different sounds that were going on whilst we ate.

After that, we went to watch Matilda, one of Claire’s all time favourite theatre productions, in the West End and had such a brilliant time. We even got to hear Claire giggle, which is a rare thing in itself – even if it was when Miss Trunchball was being horrible to the children!

After the show, we took a nice drive around London, explaining to Claire where we were, what the sights were and their history. I made it so that Claire could hear the real Big Ben chime, as it’s something that Claire is very fond of and likes to hear everyday on Radio 4 at 6pm, as well as her own ‘Big Ben chiming’ clock at home. Claire was very pleased with being able to hear the sound in real-life and I’m sure it’s something she’ll remember for a long time to come.

This trip to London was such a brilliant day, and not only that but it was also a huge step for Claire. She got up, got ready and left the house earlier than she is used to and was away the whole day from her radio, and she also got back much later than she usually would have. But, seeing the smile on Claire’s face and hearing her laugh made it completely worth it – the day that we created for Claire was exactly what she needed.

Georgia Luck
Support Practitioner
Cypress Gardens


  • Kate Webb says:

    Oh what a fantastic day! The cafe sounds brilliant! Well done to everyone involved and thankyou so much for sharing.

  • Karen Southam says:

    That looks wonderful! A great day out, you look so happy with your treasures from Matilda! The Rainforest Café is one of my favourites too, I always try to sit near the water. Thank you for sharing. You have given me some inspiration for my learners at Furze Down.

  • Louise Taylor says:

    What a fantastic opportunity for Claire! I have really enjoyed reading about your day (and imagining it all in my own mind).

  • Deborah says:

    I know how hard it can be to leave your comfort zone – even when the planned activities are exciting and what you’d enjoy. Having such a long day out and away from familiar surroundings can be a scary prospect but as Georgia says, in this instance it was just what Claire needed and looks like a great time was had. Lovely to hear about it. Thanks.

  • Darren says:

    Love it or hate it London sure has some sights to see and sounds to hear – Great hearing about the time spent, it seems like you crammed a lot in. All the best

  • Emma Killick says:

    How fantastic – I’m really pleased Claire had such a great day – well done Georgia (and everyone else involved) on planning such a person centred day out! Great stuff.

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