A special bond

On my first day at the service in December 2016 I met all the people who live here and after reading the support plans, I was asked to support Tony with his personal care. Tony does not use much verbal communication, but that didn’t matter at all as we struck a bond from the word go and that has got stronger as the months have gone by.

When we are together, I do find that I am constantly talking to him, as Tony has tunnel vision and sees very little; so as I am walking with Tony I’m telling him what sort of floor he is walking on or going to walk on, if we are turning left, right or going up or down, and this has increased his independence, confidence and self-esteem.

If Tony is anxious he seeks out my support and we sit at the table and talk. Tony likes to seek physical reassurance by stroking my hand and I reciprocate; this use of the facilitation skill touch really seems to develop a therapeutic rapport. We like to listen to music together, with Tony’s sensory mood lights on and I feel this has all supported the development of Tony’s commutation skills.

On one occasion, when having dinner out, I asked Tony what he would like to do afterwards. He decided to go for a walk and then go to LOOK at the ferry boats. The smile on his face was magical and he walked out of the pub so fast holding on to my arm: I knew this was all his choice.

We didn’t just look at the ferry boats that day, oh no, we went on the ferry as Tony was so excited. When we arrived, there was a woman on the ferry with her son, who also has leaning difficulties. Out of nowhere she came up to me and said “keep up the good work”: you never know who is watching you!

Tony and I work well together. He lets me know what his needs are or what he wants and then we action these together. I would very much like to develop both Tony’s and my skills as we continue to learn together.

Yvonne Brown
Support Worker
Seymour Drive


  • Tess Marshall says:

    This is a really heart-warming story, Yvonne, and so lovely to get that validation from the woman on the ferry.

  • Kate Webb says:

    Oh this is lovely! Always nice to get praise, especially from somebody out in the community but most importantly what a valuable experience for you both. Lovely!

  • Emma Killick says:

    This is a great blog Yvonne thank you – your warmth and relationship with Tony shine through. I agree it is lovely to receive praise however I suspect this goes a lot deeper than that – for a mum who may well have to think about trusting someone else to support her son one day to see a fantastic example of how this could be must have been very reassuring for her. Here’s hoping for some warmer weather so you can both get back on the water again.

    • Linda Hunter says:

      Hi Yvonne thank you for the blog. I know first hand what a special relationship you have with Tony. Its great to see the two of you together and the great interactions between you both. Yvonne I appreciate how you are so creative coming up with lovely ideas around activities for Tony. Well done!

    • Kate Webb says:

      What a lovely response Emma, I didn’t actually think about the praise in that way. Thankyou for giving me that insight.

  • Tania James says:

    what an inspiring story, I have only been working at MacIntyres since the beginning of February and am already making friends with the people I support. I so look forward to the future and our journeys and becoming a great facilitator at MacIntyres.

  • Julie bell says:

    Hi Yvonne. What a fabulous insight into your great interactions. Clearly Tony is getting benefit from your warmth and creativity around interactions, looking forward to hearing more about Tony’s adventures.

  • darren bowen says:

    I can relate to everything you have written I too am friends with someone just like Tony and it’s great to be able to read your blog with such empathy. I wish you all the best going forward

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