All our Intensive Interactions are great ones!

I feel very honoured to have been given the task of mentoring staff across our school site to work towards their Competent Practitioner award in Intensive Interaction.

Whilst collecting video evidence of interactions, I have been filled with joy at what I have witnessed. Such Great Interactions using the principles of Intensive Interaction. Seeing staff with big eyes and big smiles which gives the unspoken invitation of ‘hello! I want to be with you!’ Open body language saying ‘I am here just for you’. I have seen staff and students sitting on the floor together, in the corridor, in the hydrotherapy pool, on work experience and on school vehicles, having fantastic Intensive Interactions which are always great! Finding the perfect position to be an interesting communication partner, leaning in slightly to give the interaction a little more intimacy: all really good skills whilst tuning into and observing the other person. Even in busy environments I have seen staff and students together, showing obvious enjoyment at just being together, taking turns to communicate by imitating vocalisations and giving responses to all forms of communication. Even a heavy sigh or a subtle cough can be a ‘way in’, pausing to give the feeling of anticipation and allow for turn taking.

My heart has been warmed by the interactions I have seen and heard. A subtle finger to finger touch, a smile to a smile, an acknowledgement of being interesting and interested. Oh how we should celebrate these amazing intensive and Great Interactions!

We are doing just that in our school by holding a celebration of Intensive Interaction every 2nd assembly on a Friday. Staff and students are to be recognised and awarded for their amazing interactions. How proud I feel.

All our Intensive Interactions are great ones!!

Kate Webb
Learning Support Assistant
Intensive Interaction Mentor
MacIntyre School Wingrave


  • Darren says:

    Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing your work with us. So many lovely people doing wonderful things all the best. Darren from New Forest

  • Fiona Veitch says:

    Fabulous blog Kate – Intensive Interaction is key to our approach and you have done an amazing job in the past few months in re-igniting and developing the whole team’s skills and enthusiasm. The impact of what you have done is tangible in the calm, happy atmoshpere of the school and children’s homes: something which is so often commented on by visitors, especially parents (and inspectors) . Through Intensive Interaction our children and young people make great progress in their communication and interactional skills and this enables them to overcome barriers to learning.
    Thank-you to you and the rest of our amazing team – you make MacIntyre School a wonderful and truly special place to all learn, live and work.

    • Kate Webb says:

      Thankyou Fiona, we are doing great aren’t we!? Our video evidencing is a fantastic way to show how much our students have progressed and how valuable intensive interaction is. I am extremely proud to work for Macintyre and be part of such a great team!

    • Shauneen Ternahan says:

      A great blog post! Well done Kate and to all those that have passed as competent practitioners and those signing up. Happy students result in great learning and through this wonderful approach the lives of our students and staff as well, are so much more fulfilled !

  • Tess Marshall says:

    So heartwarming to read this, Kate.

  • Mary Essex says:

    Well done what a wonderful achievement you are truly inspirational . Thank you Kate for everything you do at Wingrave to enhance the lives of our amazing students and staff alike.The pictures are so heart warming.

  • Claire says:

    Well Done Kate. Brilliant you say it so well and always there if we need to ask a question or if we’re unsure of how we are interacting.

  • Claire Bailey says:

    Great job Kate, keep up the good work ☺ I had some amazing intensive interactions with Michael which i’ll really miss

  • Debbie Kellner says:

    Well done Kate, you’re doing a great job.

  • Phill MacBeth-Seath says:

    Such a lovely blog piece about something i have seen you not only take a lead on, but facilitate beautifully Kate. Keep up the superb work and keep those wonderful interactions going!

  • kate.webb says:

    Phill! How lovely to hear from you, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment and such a lovely one too!

  • Emma Killick says:

    Great Blog Kate – I see the pictures and posts on Yammer and hear from others how well the Intensive Interaction work is going and the impact it is clearly making on everyone at the school. So whatever it is you are doing – keep doing it and keep celebrating your successes!!

    • Kate Webb says:

      Thankyou Emma, so kind of you to leave a comment. I am so proud of the team at Wingrave and the progress our students are making. Indeed across Macintyre intensive interaction seems to be very well developed! ☺

  • Giacomo Ganassini says:

    Excellent blog post Kate! I am really pleased that Intensive Interaction continues to be developed, and so well co-ordinated in Wingrave. I remember Dave Hewett describing verbal language as the “icing on the cake” of communication… learning about body language, and being OK with someone, is extremely subtle yet crucial work, of immense importance in the lives of the young people we support. Thank you!

  • Kate Webb says:

    Thankyou Giacomo, how kind of you to comment. We are making really good progress now and I am certain we will continue to do so!

  • Anthony Tull says:

    I just really love the Photograph. Great article too. I have been interested in Intensive Interaction but there is no reason for me to do it with my current role.

  • Sophie says:

    Just read this. Well done Kate! You’re a superstar!

  • Hi Kate
    Loved reading your blog and in particular hearing about your mentor role supporting staff to achieve their Intensive Interaction Competent Pracitioner Award – really inspiring. I wonder if you might consider PMLD LINK reproducing this in our Spring journal?
    We are currently promoting the use of some new PMLD standards (free to download from our website) to drive improvement in the care and support for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and your practice is such a great example of how valuable approaches like II can be embedded in day to day practice – and show great evidence of these standards working in practice!
    If you might be interested please get in touch!
    Thanks Annie Fergusson ( Editorial Group, PMLD LINK)

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