An Alternative Education Approach: Kirsty’s story

No Limits, MacIntyre’s alternative education provision, acknowledges that education doesn’t always have to be delivered in a classroom environment. Working in partnership with local schools and colleges, the provision works with young people and their families to deliver a tailored, inclusive educational solution, focused on improving outcomes and transition to the next stage of the young person’s life.

Kirsty didn’t have a very easy start in life. Disruptive behaviour throughout her early school life led to her permanent exclusion, and after being sectioned at just age 14, Kirsty was moved between hospitals, over-medicated and away from her family. After Kirsty’s discharge, the help of No Limits was eventually sought, and the No Limits team worked closely with Kirsty to build her trust, confidence, independence and social skills.

Kirsty said:

“I feel like I have made so much progress, and I feel so much better. I am doing things I never thought possible for me to ever do. Things aren’t always easy, I still have some dark times but No Limits helps me to work through these with me and my family. By using my voice staff have listened to me, and I have learnt to manage things, which makes the world not so bad.”

Download Kirsty’s story to find out why an alternative education approach made such a huge positive impact on Kirsty’s life.


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