Andre tells us about her role with Reps on Board

The MacIntyre Reps on Board support people with a learning disability across Derbyshire to do their job as Partnership Board Reps, ensuring they have the skills needed to carry out their tasks and responsibilities. Both MacIntyre and Derbyshire County Council support the project, and there are currently 19 Reps across Derbyshire.

This year the group turned 10 years old.

In the film Andre, one of the Reps on Board, explains how she is proud to be a Rep and that being part of the group means that she can help to communicate for people who don’t use words to communicate.


  • Alison Wright says:

    Andre has been a Rep for 9 years and is a huge team player. When she was first elected it took us several months to convince her to come to any meetings, as she was worried about coping. Now she wouldn’t miss one.
    Andre remembers how hard it was for her to adjust and is always the first person to step forward and help new Reps who join us.
    Well done Andre.

  • natalie macpherson says:

    Thanks for sharing Andre, great to see you are helping others to communicate!

  • Lyn Mawhnney says:

    Andre this is great to hear that you are doing such a great job in enabling all people to have a voice. Sitting in front of a video being filmed is very difficult ,well done you look so relaxed.

  • Emma Killick says:

    Andre – I have watched in awe at the way you have grown in confidence and developed your skills and knowledge during your time as a Rep. You really are a great role model well done.

  • Jackie says:

    Lovely to see you speaking out Andre. You are always helpful and wanting to join in. Well done for being a great rep.

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