ASIG and The Autism Family Group

At MacIntyre, we put a lot of work into ensuring that the support we provide for adults and children with autism is the best it can be. As part of this, we continuously share ideas and practical advice amongst staff, Special Interest Groups, families, the people we support and education services.

The Autism Special Interest Group

The ASIG brings together staff from across MacIntyre who are supporting people with Autism to share ideas, provide peer support and keep up to date with what is happening around the country. The group met earlier this month in both the North and the South to discuss, reflect upon and examine best practice.

Including staff from across MacIntyre’s broad range of services, the group watched various videos from Sarah Hendrickx, Autism special consultant, trainer and author, on subjects such as Autistic Happiness, Myths about Autism and Sexuality, and discussed how resources could be made to accompany these videos to best help the people we support.

The meeting also featured discussions led by Louise Taylor, Head of Service, Great Holm Learning Centre, on Regressive Autism, and Kath Connolly, Head of Service, Durrants Hill, on problem solving, both of which reflected on the importance of taking a step back, reassessing the situation and adjusting actions accordingly.

The Family Autism Group

The Family Autism Group will be held in Warrington tomorrow, 17th November, and is a chance for family members to get together and share recent experiences, challenges and issues that they may be facing.

Andrea Parr, Area Manager Warrington, MacIntyre, says,

“The Autism Family Group has become an excellent forum of support for families. No meeting is ever the same, as it is the family members that steer the group so it is dependent on any issues or challenges they wish to share. The group is open to all family members who may not necessarily use MacIntyre for any other support services. We welcome new members to join who might find the group useful.”

If you would like to find about more about the Family Autism Group, please contact Andrea on

Telephone 01908 230100 Email