Being kind and considerate to others has huge rewards for everyone

I would like to share a wonderful few days I had recently! Let me start at the beginning…

MacIntyre were approached by Aged Care Channel TV (ACCTV) in June to be their expert consultants in a learning programme they were making on Learning Disability. Aged Care Channel TV make educational films for care home staff who work with older people. The learning programmes are shown to Care Home Staff in England and Australia using a satellite channel.

Emma (Director – Adult Services), Karen Duggan (MacIntyre Dementia Project Manager), Rosie Joustra and Rachel Silver (Self Advocates) are the expert consultants on behalf of MacIntyre. We have been involved in reviewing the content of the programme, the actual script that is used during filming as well as advising on best practice to share.

In early October a film crew from ACCTV filmed at Great Holm, Milton Keynes over four days. The purpose of this was to show people with a learning disability being engaged in work and hobbies; and provide a backdrop for the formal presentation of knowledge.

I have come to expect MacIntyre staff to demonstrate Great Interactions as part of everything they do, it is after all at the core of our DNA and how we work. During the four days filming my expectations were surpassed all day every day. Despite the fact a film crew was present I observed fantastic interactions (sometime out of the corner of my eye!) as staff concentrated on the role and task to hand. Even when the camera was pointed at people, the Great Interactions continued without any pretence or falseness.

Many people were involved – some filmed working in the Bakery or Café or attending an Art Group, some had “walk on parts”, some were filmed with the “professional TV” presenter as he was doing his piece to camera, a few of us were interviewed directly, others helped the crew each day – whatever their role everyone had a wonderful time and we were never short of willing volunteers.

What made all this even more amazing was the Great Interactions shown by the film crew. I admit I was a bit nervous as to how they would behave, having not met the actual film crew before – I have to apologise for that, as they were phenomenal! They also demonstrated Great Interactions with everyone they met often following staff modelling interactions. What they also showed was a human kindness and consideration to everyone – despite having a film schedule to follow and a job to do, they accommodated all our requests, initiated involving people and were sensitive to know when to withdraw.

I love working for MacIntyre, but these four days were exceptional because of the MacIntyre Staff involved and because I saw people being kind and considerate to each other – which costs nothing but has huge rewards for everyone.

Thank You to the ACCTV Team and the Film Crew – you were amazing. The opportunities, experiences and learning that this work has given to so many people are due to their listening skills and creativeness. The way MacIntyre Staff facilitated the people they support to be actively involved meant this was a real positive experience for everyone. It has been beyond anything we thought possible and hasn’t finished yet!

Karen Duggan
MacIntyre Dementia Project Manager


  • Emma Killick says:

    I couldn’t agree more Karen – everyone involved was so supportive and did their absolute best to make sure that everyone had a fantastic experience with the added bonus that we have hopefully contributed to the creation of a learning resource that will make a real difference to the quality of life of many people.
    Thank you for your patient oversight of the whole thing too – without your guidance, calming presence and yes kindness I suspect things would have been quite stressful.

  • Jayne Mackinder says:

    What a fab blog… Sounds like it was a wonderful 4 days….

  • Tess Marshall says:

    Lovely blog post Karen. Sometimes in a world which can feel harsh and full of dissent I find myself wondering whether my belief that most people are basically kind is right, perhaps I’m just naive. Talking about experiences like these few days is so important to remind us that there is immense consideration and kindness in the world. And what great photos!

  • Nicola Payne says:

    This was fantastic and I have heard some great stories from the weeks events from people that MacIntyre support and staff that were involved. The crew were so friendly when I bumped into them and having spoken to Rachel and Rosie its an experience they won’t forget in a hurry .

  • darren bowen says:

    It puts chills down my spine reading your words. Such kind friendly supportive staff. Fantastic!

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