Beth Britton: A Marriage Of Learning Disabilities And Dementia

As our work on the award-winning MacIntyre Dementia Project continues, so does our support from leading dementia freelance campaigner, consultant, writer and blogger Beth Britton, who remains a key part of the project.

In Beth’s latest article for the Huffington Post, she explains why dementia services could learn a huge amount from the learning disability sector. In the article, Beth writes:

“In the good learning disability services that I’ve seen, people are supported, not cared for – an important distinction in relation to preserving independence, choice and control. In practice, that means every individual is seen as a person, not a task – something that sounds very simple but in reality often doesn’t happen in traditional dementia services. Staff are recruited for their values, and trained to deliver person-centred, relationship-centred support as the norm, not an add-on. And the people being supported are enabled to do as much as they want to – staff don’t see barriers and give up, they find a way.”

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