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At the beginning of January 2016 staff at Walmersley Rd in Bury were working with Joe, who we support, to find new activities that he might enjoy.

Joe had always enjoyed ‘Bikes for all’ but this was in the local park and was seasonal and very dependent on the great British weather. Staff looked for activities and found a ‘bikes for all’ session that was indoors and accessible all year round.

We all decided that ‘Bikes for all’ should mean exactly that and that staff would take part with Joe. This fits in with the MacIntyre Promise: To be kind and friendly and fun – the prompt says ‘Be fun and join in with my activities’. Joe thought this was a great idea.

We thought about the activity and decided that we would firstly do a trial day so we could complete a risk assessment and ensure that there was enough space for Joe to race and that the bikes were the right size.

After completing the trial day we discovered that because Joe was so tall he was catching the sides of his thighs on the side of the bike. As we did not want this to be a barrier we discussed ways to prevent this and we came up with the idea that we would support Joe to buy some padded cycling shorts to wear under his track pants – Joe was really happy with his new shorts and they worked a treat.

Joe now attends ‘Bikes for all’ weekly. He loves to race staff and Joe is excellent at racing as he always wins!!!

Joe is overtaking his support worker Joanne for the second time.

And in first place !!!

Cath Kelly
Frontline Manager


  • Fay Walker says:

    What a lovely blog. Well done to the staff for finding something that Joe could enjoy and considering how to overcome any obstacles!

  • Wendy Cook says:

    A fun way to keep fit. Well done Joe. A lovely blog Cath 🙂

  • Emma Killick says:

    Thanks for sharing this Cath – it’s great to see that preparation and risk assessments are being used positively to identify and overcome obstacles. Joe is clearly having a great time as well as keeping fit!

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