Celebrating learning disability

In 2016 MacIntyre will celebrate 50 years.  To mark this anniversary we have commissioned award-winning photographer Polly Braden to capture the interactions, achievements and milestones of people we support.

Polly says “The aim is simple: to challenge outdated, institutionalised images and improve public awareness by recognising and highlighting the everyday interactions and life changing experience of people with a learning disability.

This body of work is being turned into a beautiful book and a selection of prints from the book will be exhibited at the National Media Museum in Bradford in February 2016. It is hoped these photos and the stories of the people captured will engage decision-makers and the public so that people with a learning disability can have the same opportunities as anyone else in life.
We are seeking funding to enable us to produce the photo book, deliver the national exhibition and workshops and to tour it regionally. It will help to reach the learning disability community, families and carers and help create a sense of pride and inspiration as well as to engage the decision-makers who impact the quality of life of people with a learning disability. I believe this project has the power to really make a difference and challenge the way society views learning disability, so that we focus on the possibilities not the limitations.”

Please pledge what you can and help make great interactions an everyday experience for everyone: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1087222936/great-interactions-learning-disability-in-focus

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