Communication is more than words

Sam attends sessions at the Future Life Centre (FLC) at Amersham and Wycombe College. Sam wears a hearing aid and uses British Sign Language (BSL) and gestures to communicate.

Jo is the Manager at No Limits Bucks and admits she is not great at signing but is game to have a go.

Most Wednesdays Jo is able to spend time at the FLC as we call it and when she does, Sam will come looking for her to make a date.

Sam loves painting nails and he especially loves painting Jo’s nails. Sam will come to the office and both he and Jo go through a ritual of hand signals and pointing to watches and clocks to decide on a time for the beauty session.

At the designated time Sam will knock on the office door to remind Jo and they then meet in the common room where Sam will carefully paint each of Jo’s nails whilst she patiently holds out each finger in turn.

Once Jo’s nails have been painted, both Sam and Jo will spend a few minutes discussing, through gestures and facial expressions, whether they like the colour of the nail polish or not.

Then the session is over. Jo goes back to her desk and countless emails and Sam carries on with his sessions for the day, but each have been enriched by a short shared session filled with Great Interactions.

Nail Polish_a

Debra Tennant
Programme Coordinator
No limits Buckinghamshire


  • Louise Taylor says:

    Great outcomes for both Sam and Jo – made me smile when I read it.

  • Linda Hunter says:

    Hi what a lovely story. Its is really great to see how taking a little time and setting a regular date can enrich both lives. The nail paining is a great idea and I could certainly benefit from my nails painted ! What a great way to get away form your emails ! Like Jo I am not the best at signing but Sams activity with nail painting uses all our communication skills and is a great way for us to learn

  • Emma Killick says:

    Thanks for sharing Debra – what a great story.
    Its easy to get swept along with the tasks and jobs that make up any manager’s day so hats off to Jo for always making time for this ritual with Sam. Apart from anything else I’m sure a few moments quiet “me” time does both of them the world of good. Oh and I hope the colour choices are sometimes radical?

  • Lynn Kennedy says:

    Great blog, its those little things, that don’t take a lot of time…………………. but mean so much 🙂

  • Nicola Payne says:

    Theres always things that we have to in our busy days, but having this time is so important! I bet this creates lots of smiles and good feeling.

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