Cypress Gardens: One year on

In March 2016, a new adventure began at a Supported Living service in Essex: Cypress Gardens. Four of the residents had lived in a residential setting at Woodcare for a very long time, 23 years being the longest!

Since moving in, the residents have been joined by Patricia, who started being supported by MacIntyre in August 2016. Together, they have had endless meals out, trips out bowling and to the cinema, cooked for each other, learned new life skills, hosted a ‘Swinging 60s’ summer garden party, taken part in sponsored walks and even had an Easter Egg hunt!

When asked if she likes living at Cypress Gardens, Claire, who recently went to watch Matilda at the Theatre in London, said:

“Yes, staff help me, but I help myself too. I see my sister, she listens to my radio and cooks with me.”

Another resident, Sheila, said:

“I love being here. It’s my home. I do lots of things and I do lots myself. I get up when I want and I can make my drinks.”

Stacy Wicks, Support Worker at Cypress Gardens, said:

“They have gone from living with others to having their own home completely personalised to what they want, and they all couldn’t be happier. It’s great to see everyone learn to live more independently every day. We look forward to celebrating many more years together!”

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