Dementia Awareness Week 2016

At MacIntyre we are supporting Dementia Awareness Week which this year is taking place between 15 and 21 May.

MacIntyre recently received a Department of Health Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development Fund to develop online education and resources to improve awareness, diagnosis and care for people with Learning Disability and Dementia. We are passionate to raise awareness of Dementia and People with a Learning Disability and promote equal access to diagnosis, health care and support to live well.

We support over 50 people who have a diagnosis of Dementia or are going through the diagnosis process. MacIntyre’s Dementia Special Interest Group – a group of staff from across the organisation who share best practice and provide peer support – created an easy read booklet to explain “What is Dementia”. This is shared with people we support who have been diagnosed or are referred to explore whether Dementia is a diagnosis. A similar booklet was also created to allow people to personalise the booklet. This has been beneficial for facilitating a conversation where family or friends of a person with a learning disability have been diagnosed with dementia. Both booklets are a good way to start dispelling some of the myths and fears often associated with the word “dementia”.

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