Duke of Edinburgh award success for Warrington Lifelong Learning

The Duke of Edinburgh award programme offered by our Lifelong Learning service in Warrington is continuing to grow from strength to strength. One group have just recently completed their Bronze practice expedition, which involved a challenging walk across countryside and a camping experience, which was a first for some of the group.

Here is what one of the group members, Katie, thought of the experience:

“We drove to Beckington Hill and walked up the hills and went through the nettles and we took our rucksacks with us. We saw a cave and we saw a view and we went through the cornfield and into the bushes. Then we had lunch and carried on walking. After walking we drove to Lady Heynes. In Frodsham, we set up the BBQ and after the BBQ we started to get ready for the next day.

The next day we got up and made our lunch and then we had our breakfast at the campsite. Then we packed all of our things and put all the tents down and made our way to Delamere Forest and walked until we found the Gruffalo.”

Darren Briggs, Head of Service, Warrington Lifelong Learning, said:

“We where delighted to be able to start another Bronze group for the Duke of Edinburgh award, it is so rewarding to see everyone have a fun and enjoyable experience. The group that completed their Gold awards last year have been invited to St James Palace to receive their final awards, which is very exciting for everyone involved!”

To find out more, get in touch with Darren by emailing darren.briggs@macintyrecharity.org.

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