Facilitating music therapy in No Limits

We have recently introduced a music therapy session into the No Limits programme for a number of learners. Jon, our music teacher visits Whipsnade once every 3 weeks and teaches music at varying levels to a range of learners. We vary the environment from a Yurt to a classroom, dependent on the weather.

He has made brilliant progress with learners, who ordinarily struggle to communicate their needs or who have short engagement periods but despite this, all learners who have attended have engaged well with the therapy and started to develop communication through music.

An example is Benji, whose first session consisted of some intensive interaction, which assisted him to take turns with playing notes and lengthening his engagement periods.

Israr has enjoyed his sessions with Jon and takes part in observing and engaging in making music, in a way that makes sense to him.

Jahsiah enjoys his sessions and the sessions are creatively adapted to ensure that Jahsiah is able to access the instruments and build his confidence interacting with new people. Jahsiah’s long term goal is to be a DJ and he compliments these sessions by attending DJ academy where he is learning skills in electronic music.

Georgina’s communication preference is through ‘eye gaze’ but in these sessions she has been able to access music through observation and listening, until she becomes confident enough to try the instruments.

Abi enjoys Jon’s teaching style and her staff have said they are really amazed at how quickly she has been prepared to engage in these sessions.

No Limits staff observe and reflect on the sessions as do the partner schools with whom we work. Both have reported that they have learned a lot from Jon’s interactions. We would like to thank Greenside School in Hertfordshire for introducing us to Jon and Jon for his amazing and facilitative work with the MacIntyre learners.

Pam Rozentals
Programme Manager
No Limits Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Milton Keynes


  • Fay Walker says:

    It sounds like these are great sessions and everyone is getting a lot out of them. Well done!

  • Darren bowen says:

    Fantastic! Music and sound is a universal language that inspires and benefits others greatly. Thank you

  • Emma Killick says:

    Thanks Pam – lovely to read how different young people are responding to and gaining from this opportunity. Well done to Jon and to all the No Limits staff supporting the young people in such a way that it enables them to participate. Excellent example of partnership working as well – love the idea of music in a Yurt that sounds great.

  • Jeremy Bugden says:

    Good communicative and therapy work using Music, Pam. I like the fact that Jon sits on a lower stool to keep the eye contact with the young learner (probably Benji). Well done to all involved.

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