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Accessibility Plan

This Plan reflects the values of the MacIntyre School in relation to accessibility and creating a framework within which all staff can operate. This plan…

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Admission to and Exit from MacIntyre School

MacIntyre School is a 52 week residential school with registered children’s homes, offering a range of placement types from day to year round boarding.

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Anti-Bullying Policy and Procedures

This policy sets out the procedures governing the action to be taken to safeguard children and young people from bullying at MacIntyre School. Where this…

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Complaints Policy

This document sets out how feedback, including comments and complaints, will be handled. MacIntyre School is concerned with meeting the needs of children…

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Complaints Procedure

MacIntyre School Wingrave wants to provide the best possible service. We therefore welcome comments and complaints to help us improve our service.A complaint…

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Curriculum Policy

MacIntyre School acknowledges that there is a growing interest in the concept of a multi- tiered curriculum approach which sees Pre-Formal, Informal and…

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Exclusions Policy

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First Aid Policy

Student information that may have a bearing on care and first aid is disseminated to staff who work with the child; this will include care plans, risk…

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Health and Safety Policy Statement

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Keeping Safe on the Internet - MacIntyre

These guidelines were produced by someone we support to help you keep safe on the internet.

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MacIntyre School Prospectus

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MacIntyre School: Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose for the Children’s Home, MacIntyre School, Leighton Road, Wingrave, HP22 4PA.

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