Current Campaigns

At any given time we will have a number of specific projects for which we are fundraising. Our current key projects are outlined below:

Discovery Academy, Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Fundraising target: £100,000

In September 2015 MacIntyre opened the doors to its second Academy, named Discovery Academy. The Academy will educate up to 80 children and young people aged from 9 to 19 who have an autistic spectrum condition and/or social, emotional and mental health needs.


Many of our pupils will have had difficulty accessing mainstream education and experienced marginalisation and sometimes discrimination as they have struggled to manage their behaviour appropriately.

Supporting young people to improve their own well-being, particularly their communication, social, emotional and mental health needs, will be central to the school curriculum. This will include learning to build positive relationships, being active, contributing positively to their school and local community, broadening experiences and learning to understand and shape their own emotions.

We are currently seeking to raise £100,000 to pay for the extras that will make a real difference to the students attending the Academy. These items, including sensory, music and drama equipment will not be met statutory funding, but will enhance the experience for the students.

Endeavour Academy, Oxford

Fundraising target: £64,000

In September 2014 MacIntyre opened its first Academy in Oxford, named Endeavour Academy. The Academy educates 25 students with autism and learning disabilities. In addition, the academy offers flexible residential opportunities including 52 week, term time, weekly and shorter placements in the onsite Children’s Home. An extended curriculum enables children to take part in after school activities as well as during the weekend, and the school holiday periods. All students placed at this school have significant barriers to learning and a statement of special educational needs.

Since the school has opened; and in consultation with our students, parents and staff we have created a fundraising list of items we would like to purchase that would make a huge difference to our students. The items include a children’s playground for our residential students, refitting the kitchen in the residential home so that it is suitable for young people to use, the creation of reading corners around the school and a projector and sound system for the school hall.

Endeavour Academy 2 400

Keeping Safe Project, Derbyshire

Fundraising target: £45,000

MacIntyre will deliver internet safety workshops to people with a learning disability and their supporters (parents / carers / support staff) across Derbyshire. The aim of the workshops is for people with a learning disability to have greater awareness of the potential dangers of using the internet but also to highlight its many benefits.

Keeping Safe 400

We will use a chocolate box approach to delivering the workshops so that people attending can select the areas they wish to know more about. We would like the workshops to be flexible in terms of content so that they can be tailor made for each particular audience. We will also be flexible with numbers of people attending the workshops. A workshop could range from 1:1, for people that need that approach to up to 12. Some people may attend more than workshop. Consultation has shown us that supporters need training as much as the people we support. From consultation with the people we support and their supporters we have devised a list of areas the workshop will cover:

  • Stranger Danger – making friends with people on social media that are not personally known to you
  • Online grooming
  • Spam / Scam emails
  • Using the internet on your phone – cost and usage
  • Gaming – paying for extras whilst playing certain games
  • Online casinos / bingo etc
  • Passwords – keeping them private and not obvious
  • Facebook and other social media accounts – privacy settings, setting up your account, not divulging too much information, understanding who can see your posts
  • How to block people and who to report people to (staff, police and service provider)
  • How to give your personal details to – using an avatar or online nickname
  • Remembering – almost everything that you do online can be seen
  • The benefits of the internet
  • How to use the internet as a learning and education tool
  • How to socialise and communicate on the internet
  • How to explore and develop interests

The grant will enable us to employ a Project Officer to work with our Champions (people with a learning disability who work as peer to peer trainers) to prepare, advertise, deliver and evaluate the workshops. A small amount of the grant will be used for travel costs, capital expenditure and stationery. We will look to secure workshop venues in kind.

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