Good CQC Ratings for Abbey House and Beulah House

Abbey House in Evesham and Beulah House in Market Drayton have both received ‘Good’ CQC Ratings following recent inspections.

Abbey House

Abbey House, which provides accommodation for six people with complex learning disabilities, had an unannounced inspection on 8 March 2017. The inspectors spent time with the people we support in their communal areas and observed how staff interacted with people and how the people we support interact with staff.

The report stated:

“From what we saw and heard the atmosphere in the home was calm and relaxed. People were happy and responded well to the staff working on the day of our inspection. Relatives we spoke with felt their family members were looked after well and kept safe by the staff that worked there. People received care and support that met their needs and reflected their choice.”

Applauding our staff, the report continued:

“People were supported by staff who were committed to providing high quality care. The staff were friendly, polite and respectful when providing support to people.”

Beulah House

Beulah House in Market Drayton, which has been rated good at previous inspections, provides support to 5 people with learning disabilities. The inspector spent time with one person supported at Beulah House, Jenny, who enjoyed showing him photos of her holiday and other events on her iPad.

The report stated:

“People were supported to have choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible, the policies and systems in the service support this practice. The support people received continued to be caring. People were supported by a kind and considerate staff team. Staff spoke about those they supported with warmth and respect.”

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