Goodbye to Bill Mumford

Bill Mumford, our CEO for the past 20 years, has decided to step down from this role to seek new challenges. We are grateful that he will not be leaving us completely, having agreed to take on the role of Special Advisor to MacIntyre and will be active in our Jubilee celebrations next year.

To say Bill will be much missed and leave a large gap is an understatement. In the 30 years he has worked for MacIntyre, he has dedicated himself to our organisation: both the people working for it and those we support. Working alongside him, I have witnessed his commitment, conviction and creativity with many of our achievements and much of our reputation stemming from his passion and insights.

Within MacIntyre Bill will always be associated with finding the time to meet and chat with our people, to get to the heart of what makes people tick but as importantly always checking that MacIntyre is serving the people we support and the workforce to the best of our abilities. Externally he will be known for many a charismatic conference speech and debate and more recently associated with the phrases “it ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it” and “people experience our behaviour not our values”. These phrases characterise his belief that good social care is about people, relationships and the quality of human interactions. This belief, and his dogged determination to find practical ways of ensuring that every interaction is a Great Interaction, is a rich and warm legacy that will remain at the heart of MacIntyre’s DNA for years to come and will continue to ripple through the social care sector.

I shall continue as Managing Director and, with the rest of the Director team, will be working hard to ensure that MacIntyre continues to be a beacon in all that we do.

John Berriman, Chairman said “On behalf of the Trustees I would like to pay tribute to Bill’s tremendous contribution to the development of MacIntyre and to the care and welfare of the many people that MacIntyre has supported over the 30 years of his time here.  MacIntyre is now in the capable and experienced hands of Sarah Burslem who has been the Managing Director, working alongside Bill, for the last 15 months.  Brenda Mullen continues to lead MacIntyre Academies, our growing schools venture. We are delighted that Bill will continue to act as a Special Advisor to MacIntyre and the Trustees into our Jubilee year”.

Bill wants to say goodbye to friends and colleagues and will be planning this over the next few weeks.

Sarah Burslem
Managing Director

You can download a statement from Bill by clicking the download link to the right.

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