How we used the facilitation skills

Dan moved to Green Drift in October 2014, he was very quiet and when we held events he was noticeably uncomfortable and quite intense. As staff we reflected on this and spoke to Dan about his wants and needs and Dan told us he did want to attend events but he also wanted to help with them.

Green Drift held a recruitment day and Dan was actively involved in preparing for the event by posting leaflets through letter boxes and handing leaflets out to people. On the day Dan helped out with setting up the event and came out with staff to talk to people in the community and hand out leaflets and sweets. Dan even wore the purple MacIntyre T-shirt which was great as he usually prefers to wear black.

Dan spoke to people who came to the event and showed them pictures of what goes on at the service and told them about the things he likes to do. Dan really came into his own and it was lovely to see his confidence and self-esteem grow. Observing and then reflecting on Dan in this situation: he acts completely differently as he becomes less “intense”, he has a stance of importance and is very welcoming, which is great to see as he is somebody who often prefers not to engage with people and can struggle with building relationships.

After the recruitment event Dan expressed that he would like to be involved in more MacIntyre things. He came along to the MacIntyre Promises workshop and got really involved completing paperwork and speaking to other people we support and staff. He interacted really well and dressed in a suit.



As staff we looked at the MacIntyre roadshow and thought it would be a great idea for Dan to have a zone as he loves tattoos. I sat with Dan to see if he would like to get involved and when he did we designed T-shirts together and bought temporary tattoos. At the roadshow Dan really came out of his shell and his confidence was shining through. Dan required very little support and staff promoted his independence and only stepped in to support when required. This was lovely to see as Dan completely changes when involved in events rather than just attending.

The transition in Dan is massive, he is flourishing, and with his new found confidence the doors to more opportunities will open, including work.

Becky Thomas
Senior Support Worker
Green Drift

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