Intensive Interaction Week 2017

Yesterday marked the start of International Intensive Interaction Week 2017. We started the week by sharing a Great Interactions blog, where Christine, Programme Coordinator, No Limits East Midlands, shared her journey of Intensive Interaction with one learner, Adam.

Today, that story continues as we hear from Lyn, Community Learning Facilitator, No Limits East Midlands, who has also been on the Intensive Interaction journey with Adam.

In the film, Lyn says:

“I started working with Adam around two years ago; initially there was a lot of challenging behaviour when out in the community. I just wanted to be able to support him the best way that I could. Through Intensive Interactions, I was able to build a trust with Adam so that he realised that I understood what he was trying to say.”

We will be sharing more stories and perspectives on Intensive Interaction throughout the week. For more information, please contact Gwenne McFadzean, Facilitation Advisor, by emailing

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