International Intensive Interaction Week 2016

Today marks the start of International Intensive Interaction Week, a week of events put together by the Intensive Interaction Institute to encourage people from around the world to collectively do something ‘a bit extra’ to promote the approach.

The events range from cafes, exhibitions and training sessions, to workshops, drop in sessions and online video and social media activity. In particular, at MacIntyre we will be supporting International Intensive Interaction Week 2016 by launching a short film to show our commitment to Intensive Interaction.

What is Intensive Interaction?

At MacIntyre, part of our philosophy is that we believe that everyone has the potential to learn. Intensive Interaction is an approach to interacting with and teaching early communication and interaction skills to people who do not find it easy communicating or being social. It aims to teach the basic Fundamentals of Communication as well as helping develop social ability, cognitive abilities and emotional wellbeing.

By using the Intensive Interaction approach, MacIntyre supports the person with a learning disability to develop competence and confidence as a communicator. It can be used at any time and in any place, taking opportunities as they arise.

To find out more about Intensive Interaction, watch our short video or take a look at our Intensive Interaction page.

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