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In case any of you don’t know, Office Services is a department at Central where we cover many different areas of work. Most importantly we have ten people (assistants), from local MacIntyre services who work in the department, usually up to three people each day. Their jobs are varied and their skills are matched to various administrative tasks. Along with this the assistants also gain accreditation with Open College Network, helped along by the administrators in the department.

Working in Office Services we are in a prime position to see some wonderful interactions taking place. These can be between the team and the assistants and with staff from other departments here. Some of the best interactions take place between the assistants and visitors to the building and we have the pleasure of listening in!

There is a wonderful relationship between the assistants and the post man and I’m quite sure he enjoys it as much as they do! He is very happy to be called “Postman Pat” by Sharon, to be greeted by Jonny wearing his postman’s orange tabard and to be teased by Sui about his shorts! He takes this all in very good part and definitely gives as good as he gets!

There is a similar easy going friendship with Patrick, the maintenance man and I’m sure he’s not looked after better anywhere than he is by Rosie when he comes here! She only has to see him pulling into the car park and she has a cup of coffee made before he steps through the door. We try to make sure we call him in on a Tuesday or a Friday which are Rosie’s days here.

I’ve often heard Sui having a relaxed chat with a visitor who is here for an interview, asking them if they’ve travelled far, offering them a drink and then just having a discussion about anything that comes up. I often think if I was here for an interview and probably a bit apprehensive, talking to Sui would calm me down. She is relaxed and so natural in her role as receptionist two days each week.

The interaction amongst the assistants themselves can be interesting and some of them are very good at encouraging and supporting others when they need a bit of help. Each Wednesday we see Sui organising Mark, reminding him what to do next and prompting him if he stops working. Mark laps up the attention and seems very happy to have Sui “in charge”!

It’s lovely to hear conversations between the assistants and people from around the building. I think almost everyone here at Central likes the opportunity to come down to the ground floor and have a reason to speak to one of them. Many of the staff save little jobs for the assistants to do and so the good relationships develop. We know this also happens when the post is being delivered; that people stop and chat as they go, because often the post round takes quite a while!

As well as all of this we hear the phone interaction. We listen to the professional and friendly way in which the assistants speak to callers, and from the way the conversation goes we can tell that the response they are getting is encouraging for them.

We have assistants who started with us quite reluctantly and slowly we got to know them and how best to interact with them. Craig used to work here some years ago and decided to leave but then out of the blue told me he wanted to come back. We wondered how this would work out so we agreed a trial for him and did not push him to do too many things. With patience and encouragement from his link worker, Lesley, he has settled in well and now joins in with most things, still looking for a regular chat and reassurance from Lesley. Similarly Graham wasn’t confident to begin with but we soon established that he loves to talk about the football matches he’s been to and we now all wait to be shown the programs from the previous weekend. It pleases him when we ask our many questions about the matches.

This is a summary of what we experience on a daily basis and we feel privileged to see all this happening and to be part of it!

Jenny Hunt
Office Services Co-ordinator


  • Deborah says:

    What an interesting read. Thanks Jenny. A great little insight into part of what happens at Central. Being fairly new to MacIntyre I’ve had to ring Central many times in the past few months with different questions for various departments and quite often on the general number as I didn’t know the extensions I needed. I’ve definitely spoken to Sui-Ling on at least a couple of occasions and even mentioned to her once that I enjoyed the videos I’ve seen of her online. The assistants are indeed very professional and friendly on the phone.
    Thanks to you all and keep up the excellent work!

  • Kate Webb says:

    I myself as a Macintyre employee have been on the receiving end of the lovely, warm and engaging attitudes of the wonderful office assistants. A great team!

  • Emma Killick says:

    This is such a great description of the many varied personalities and the different talents they each bring to their role as Office Service Assistants. What could just be any office environment is transformed by their presence, they are excellent ambassadors for MacIntyre and role models for those of us fortunate enough to work alongside them. Well done Jenny and team on providing excellent support behind the scenes.

  • Diane says:

    I love the photos Jenny. I am always pleased to visit or telephone Central just to have a chat with people I have worked with over many years. Always a smile and some interesting conversation.Last year I won the MacIntyre lottery and was thrilled to be called with the good news from Sui Ling who suggested a photo together to receive the cheque.
    A grand job everyone, and many thanks for your help when I call.

  • Tess Marshall says:

    One of the things I enjoy most about working at Central is the relationship with my office assistant colleagues here. I agree with what you say Jenny about their professionalism and I’ve lost count of the number of times visitors or callers have remarked on the friendly approach they are met with. Every year I look forward to the award ceremony at which the assistants get their Open College Network certificates etc., such an air of excitement.

  • Jessie says:

    This is lovely Jenny, I agree I think everyone does look forward to the post round to have a chat with whoever is working in office services that day! Even if you’re having a manic day it’s great to stop for 2 minutes and have a laugh with the people we support, they always put a smile on my face and I’m sure on everyone else’s who meets the office services team!

  • Lorraine says:

    You are absolutely right Jenny, I came for an interview recently and Sui was fab, I was very nervous, a bundle of nerves in fact and she really helped – happy to say I have now joined the team and looking forward to getting to know Sui and everyone more 🙂

  • Julie Graves says:

    I’m new to MacIntyre, but when I came for my interview both Sui Ling and Graham made me feel very welcome and relaxed on the day, and even when on my first day in the office. Graham and I have great conversations on the circket, and Ice Hockey. Rosie and I ofter chat about my dogs and whats going on with her church work. Central is a great place to work, with lots of opportunities to interact with Jenny and her team.

  • Linda Hunter says:

    Hi Jenny Thank you for sharing what happens at central. I ring the office quite often and I am impressed with the office service assistants. They are friendly and helpful and we often have a chat.
    It is lovely to see the photographs so I can put faces to the people I speak to over the phone.

  • Jenny Hunt says:

    Thank you for all these great and encouraging comments!! I will definitely pass them back to the Assistants as they deserve to know how highly they are regarded by everyone.

    It really is a pleasure to work in Office Services and each day brings something new….


  • Gayle Curry says:

    Visiting McIntyre has always been a pleasure. Your front of house staff are delightful, especially Sui. They do a wonderful job. Thank you to all of them. They’ve always brightened my day!

  • Jackie Alexander says:

    Thank you for sharing a lovely blog Jenny, I have always found the office assistants friendly and helpful both on the phone and when I have visited Central, I always look forward to having a chat with them when I visit the office.

  • Nicola Payne says:

    When I am based at Central Office seeing the Office Assistants instantly pops a smile on my face. I love the fact that when I pop down to reception I can have a catch up with everyone. Getting my parcels delivered is also an excuse for a chin wag. The office would feel a dull place with out you all. Thank you for all of your hard work!!!

  • Yvette says:

    A wonderful blog Jenny of a wonderful Team! Thank you for sharing this.

  • Anita Waddington says:

    I read every blog every week and love every single one.
    I have privilege of knowing all the office assistants. I love the chats we have either on the post round or when I accidently on purpose send my printing down stairs. The conversations we have from football to hair dye and always helpful in sorting out room bookings, laminating, binding books as I am rubbish at that but Graham hes a master at it. Office services thank you for being fabulous and supportive we couldn’t be with out you.

  • Fay Walker says:

    I would definitely agree with the wonderful interactions between the people in Office Services and everyone else. I phone up on a regular basis and it is always lovely to have a quick chat with Sui or be reminded by Rosie that this is the 3rd time I’ve called today! Proving over and over that Great Interactions are demonstrated by everyone in MacIntyre, not just Support Workers.

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