Jamie tells us about his collection of fridge magnets

Meet Jamie, who enjoys collecting fridge magnets. Jamie was really keen to film different aspects of his life and had planned what he wanted to talk about before filming started.

In this film, Jamie tells us about his collection of fridge magnets, how much it means to him and how this hobby encourages links with a wide variety of people and his local community.

Look out for more films from Jamie in the future.


  • Deborah Moores says:

    Nice one Jamie
    I’ve heard all about the magnets and now I’ve had a chance to see them !
    I didn’t realise you had so many 🙂

  • Jackie Alexander says:

    Wow Jamie, What a huge collection of magnets! They look very colourful and you can tell you are a big fan of them. I wonder how many you have in total so far? Best wishes and happy collecting!

  • Alison Wright says:

    That’s a really colourful collection Jamie.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many on one fridge!

  • natalie macpherson says:

    What an impressive collection Jamie!

  • Darren Bowen says:

    Wow Jamie, that’s a lot of fridge magnets! – Awesome stuff and of course each magnet must remind you of the adventures you have been on.

  • Emma Killick says:

    That is the most impressive collection of Fridge Magnets I think I’ve ever seen. Each one tells a story – where it came from and who gave it – no wonder Jamie feels so passionately about them as they represent people and places.

  • Kate Webb says:

    I myself have a few magnets, I like the ones people have brought back from their holidays for me. My Christmas ones are my favourite! Your collection is WAY better than mine!! Thankyou for sharing.

  • Marina Clark says:

    What a great collection, thank you for sharing with us your story Jamie! Love that you have moved form the “fridge magnets” to “magnetic board magnets” too!! they are awesome!

  • Cherie Jenkins says:

    Hi Jamie – Just wow!!! It was great to see you and your collection of magnets on Thursday. You are clearly very proud of them and their story.
    It was nice to see the start of your skull collection too 🙂

  • Victoria Lockett says:

    A wonderful mosaic pattern of creativity and expression that is shown. Well Done and keep going.

  • Andrea Hartley says:

    Wow fantastic collection Jamie,I myself collect them but no way near the amount you have .carry on collecting.

  • Jill Gregory says:

    Amazing! Great to see that you;re still collecting Jamie

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