MacIntyre Memories

It’s 2016 and we are celebrating our Golden Jubilee – MacIntyre is 50 years old.
We want to celebrate what MacIntyre has achieved since it began way back in 1966. So we have launched an interactive web-based history of MacIntyre:

Get involved – share your memories

We would love to hear any memories you have about MacIntyre, old or recent.

  1. Tell us your memories
    This might be something you are personally proud of, an achievement of a colleague or someone we support, something that made you smile, a small or big change that made a difference or just a recollection you would like to share about your time at MacIntyre. You can add any comments to the stories on our Memories website or email them to us at
  2. Send us old materials –we are after photographs, newspaper clippings, newsletters, old MacIntyre materials or anything else you think will help us document MacIntyre’s history.
  3. Follow us on Facebook at – get the updates on any new developments through our Facebook page.
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More than just archiving
MacIntyre has worked with The Open University to collect these memories and archive materials.

Within MacIntyre’s Marketing team we appointed three volunteer assistants to work on the project. The role of the assistants, who are supported by MacIntyre, is to help with promotion, scanning and archiving. Their involvement in the project is a learning opportunity and allows them to develop office skills as well as practice social interaction in the workplace. This video blog shows some of their work.

MacIntyre Memories is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and delivered in partnership with The Open University.


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