Karaoke for the London Cats

The London Cats is a social group, where the people we support in Anvil Close and Southview Close in London meet up once a month to do fun activities such as baking, arts and crafts and games nights.

The London Cats social group loves a sing-a-long, so karaoke was the perfect activity choice for their meeting in May!

Each member of the group took it in turns to sing their favourite songs, some with music and some without. Doddy sang along to his JLS CD and didn’t even need the words on the screen as he knew them already! Connie sang along to ABBA, and it wouldn’t be karaoke if a bit of dancing wasn’t involved so Chris, Bobby and Gloria danced along as Connie sang.

Hannah, Head of Service at Anvil Close, says:

“Everyone really looks forward to the monthly London Cats meetings as they enjoy catching up with their friends and trying new activities. The meetings also give people the sense of achievement when they have tried a new activity or learnt a new skill. They are always immensely proud of their achievements and eager to share this with staff or family after the meetings.”

In this month’s meeting, the London Cats will come together for Cooking Evening where they will cook some delicious dishes as a team.

For more information about the London Cats, please email hannah.crampton@macintyrecharity.org

Telephone 01908 230100 Email hello@macintyrecharity.org