Keeping up with the Reps on Board

The MacIntyre Reps on Board support people with a learning disability across Derbyshire to do their job as Partnership Board Reps, ensuring they have the skills needed to carry out their tasks and responsibilities. Both MacIntyre and Derbyshire County Council support the project, and there are currently 19 Reps across Derbyshire.

Monthly Development Days

The Reps on Board have held 10 Development Days with Reps and their Supporters over the last year, which provides an opportunity for the Reps to feedback on their activities and accomplishments each month.

At each meeting, the Reps learn new Makaton signs; in the last meeting the group reported that they now know over 200 signs! The Reps also take it in turns to chair the meeting, which is a great opportunity to learn skills of public speaking and managing group discussions.

In April, Clare Waterfall from Derbyshire County Council as well as Charlotte Baldwin from Derbyshire Victim Services, who gave the group a presentation about Hate Crime and what the group should look, came along to the meeting. Clare Waterfall will be looking after the Safe Places Scheme.

Great news was shared during the meeting from each of the Reps. Mary, Alan, Ralph and Andrew are working with a social worker to create an Easy Read leaflet about having an assessment, and Sue and Ralph also told the group that they went to a meeting and got a new Easy Read leaflet on the General Election. The group also discussed how they could share information with more people at other meetings to make sure they can access the same information.

10th Birthday Party

At the next meeting, the Reps on Board will make displays to show everyone at the Reps on Board 10th Birthday party in June. The party will be a celebration of everything the group has achieved over the last 10 years! The Inspired 4 Training (i4t) group will also be holding a raffle to win a beautiful Dolls House to raise money to buy fleeces and tops. Tickets will be drawn at the party on 10th June – contact Alison Wright ( to buy tickets.

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