Kevin shows us how much his job means to him

In this week’s Let Your Voice Shine vlog, Kevin tells us about his office job and shows us some of the tasks he performs as part of his role at the local charity shop.

What’s great about this is not just Kevin’s obvious pride in his work, but the friendships and social links he has formed as a result, completely independently of his staff. The warmth and fun that Kevin and the rest of the shop team share is clear to see.


  • Linda Hunter says:

    Really enjoyed Kevins story .He made me smile watching the video with his obvious enjoyment and enthusiam for his jobs. Its lovely to see someone so happy in their work and Kevins interaction with his co workers was a joy to watch.

  • Emma Killick says:

    Great film – I agree with Linda’s comments – it’s lovely to see how much Kevin clearly enjoys his job and that he has a very warm, relaxed relationship with his colleagues in the shop.

  • Andrea Hartley says:

    Kevin your smile says it all , happy in your work, happy helping out keep up the good work it was lovely to watch the video,you are a star.

  • Caroline Bradley says:

    Absolutely love this. Kevin really enjoys his jobs, he works very hard and has made some lovely social connections through his work. The staff at the charity shop are great, they interact so well with Kevin. I went with Kevin to support him on his first day here. I was with him at the time of filming this video and I could not believe how much he has progressed in his work! Putting the stickers on the dvd’s was quite difficult for Kevin at first, but observing him now, I was amazed! He has definitely learnt some great skills. He is very Proud of what he does and it’s a great achievement for him too 🙂

  • Nicola Payne says:

    Kevin looks very happy in his job! This made me smile lots…..Keep learning and working hard Kevin!

  • Sui-ling Tang says:

    I enjoyed watching the film.
    Kevin was very chatty and happy
    Nice to see different places that we can all work in.
    I liked Kevin’s sense of humour.

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