Laura’s holiday to Sandyballs

The season of summer holidays is officially upon us! Danielle, who supports Laura at one of our services in Leicester, tells us about the fun time Laura had on holiday in Sandyballs!

Laura moved to Pippin Place in 2016. Laura settled in immediately and built up great relationships with her new housemates. We soon learnt that Laura loved going out and trying new activities, so we started to think of what else we could introduce for Laura to try.

Laura hadn’t been on holiday for many years so we started to look at holidays and talk to Laura about which she might prefer. Laura seemed very interested and kept asking when we were going. We thought it would be nice to go with two of the young ladies who live at Waring Close to continue to build on the friendships that Laura had made with them.

Finally, it was time for the holiday and we set off. Once we had arrived, Laura then started to ask when we were going home – as you can imagine, we were then concerned that Laura wouldn’t have a good time and knew that she didn’t understand that we would be staying there for a few nights.

However, Laura soon became very relaxed and we started to see a calm side to her. She was very happy to sit with staff and relax, which we hadn’t seen too much of before.

We then found many activities that we knew Laura would enjoy doing. On the first day of the holiday we went to the aquarium, which Laura enjoyed so much that she actually tried to go for a swim with the fishes! We then found a theme park, which Laura was very happy with and she loved going on the rollercoaster and the pirate ship. The more fun activities that Laura took part in, the less she asked about when she was going home, which we knew had made the trip a success.

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