Learning Disability England Supported Housing Consultation

Last week, representatives from MacIntyre including self-advocate and lifetime Learning Disability England (LDE) member Sui-Ling Tang and MacIntyre’s Person Centred Approaches Advisor Catherine Farrell, travelled to Birmingham to attend the Learning Disability England Supported Housing consultation and to talk about the approach to social care funding problems for people with a learning disability.

Together, the group discussed the problems people are currently experiencing, what needs to change for the future and how Learning Disability England can help to bring about positive change.

Catherine Farrell says

“It was a great way to discuss some really important issues. Learning Disability England promotes making the voices of people with a learning disability louder, ensuring they are the main spokespeople on the topics that are important to them. Throughout the day, the group talked about their views in regards to supported housing and the current state of social care funding. We’re looking forward to attending future meetings.”

To find out more about Learning Disability England, visit their website.

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