“Less Medication, More Information” Conference

Reducing the numbers of people with Dementia being prescribed antipsychotic medicine for “behaviour of concern” is a National Priority in the UK – and one of the planned outcomes of the MacIntyre Dementia Project.

On Monday Rosie Joustra and Karen Duggan, members of the project attended a conference “Less Medication, More Information” where they highlighted the importance of support and treatment options for people with dementia and learning disability.

Non-Medicine treatments must be considered which is where Person Centred Approaches should be used to understand what is important to and for the person, their communication, their hobbies and interests. Using people’s Life Story should be used to promote reminiscence and meaningful support. There is also a much greater risk to the use of antipsychotic medicines in people with Dementia with Lewy Bodies (in comparison with other types of dementia)and that is another reason for the person to have their type of dementia named – to help with any treatment needed or avoided.

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