Let your voice shine vlog: 2017 roundup

2017 saw the launch of the Let Your Voice Shine video blog (vlog). The vlog is a platform for the people we support to tell us what is on their minds, whether it is what’s important to them, something that is on their mind, something they want to celebrate or something they feel needs to change.

Throughout the year, we posted a new vlog every two weeks and heard stories from people we support across the country. From moving house to delivering training, award nominations and volunteering, we’ve heard about lots of different topics.

Here is a roundup of some of the vlogs…

Celia revealed what is currently missing in her life

When Celia was asked what was important to her she replied “My Diabetes”. It was clear that she is both passionate about understanding her condition and she is also very clear on what is important for her which is what support she needs from staff. What this film also revealed is that Celia has a clear vision of the relationship she would like to have.

Sam talked about what makes a good Person Centred Review

Sam was asked to tell us about his experience of a Person Centred Review. Straight away, he said that it’s important to him that he gets to choose who attends the review, that the environment is relaxed and informal, and that he knows what he needs to do and doesn’t need to do and know where he wants to go in life.

Marc talked about raising awareness of living with a disability in Gambia

Marc shared his experiences of raising awareness further afield in Gambia, where he flew out to for a week in February, and talked about how surprised people were at what a person with a disability can do.

Dorothy talked about wanting to make changes to her life

In this film, it is clear that rather than wanting to keep things as they are, Dorothy understands that what is important for her is changing and wants to make the changes needed to continue to have a life that makes sense to her. Dorothy now has her name on the waiting list for a bungalow.

Lydon talked us through his week with MacIntyre No Limits

This film showed Lydon talking about his typical week with MacIntyre No Limits. His enthusiasm and the positive outcomes which he’s experienced are clear to see.

Mike and the Real Junk Food Project

Mike volunteers for the Real Junk Food Project, where he uses his skills in the kitchen and his love for planning recipes and meals whilst also forming new relationships with other volunteers as an equal team member. By being a part of the Project, Mike is contributing to his local community and helping other people, something which is clearly very important to him.

Hearing the voices of the people we support and listening to what is really important to them is central to our approach at MacIntyre. This year, we’ll post more Let Your Voice Shine vlogs so keep an eye out…

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