If you are...

  • supported by MacIntyre
  • working for MacIntyre
  • a relative of someone supported by MacIntyre

we would like to invite you to create a record of this experience that we are all going through. 

Why keep a diary during the lockdown

The pandemic and the lockdown have a huge impact on us in all our roles and functions: parents, siblings, employees in social care, people who need support in their daily lives.

We would like to gather people's experiences of the lockdown with the focus on learning disability.
What is it like to have a learning disability and experience the lockdown?
What is it like to support someone through the lockdown?
What is it like to go through the lockdown and have a relative with a learning disability?

We hope that collecting those stories will help people to deal with difficult emotions through sharing, and that in the future it will be an important document of how we dealt with the lockdown.

Keeping the diary now will help us all later when we start coming to terms with this huge change in our lives. It will also be an interesting record for us all to look back on.


We realise that you might share some deeply personal feelings and for that reason you might prefer to share your reflections anonymously. It is difficult to be anonymous through a video diary, but you might choose to share your diary as a voice recording or in written form. When submitting your diary please indicate if you wish for your diary to remain anonymous.

We will also need you to confirm your consent to publish the diary on our website - the forms are available below.

How to send your diary

Video or sound recordings

Media files, especially video files can be very big and are not suitable to email. Instead please send them via:

  • www.wetransfer.com - if you haven't used WeTransfer before please see the short video below.
    You will need our email address to send files through WeTransfer - please use [javascript protected email address].
    You can get the WeTransfer app for your phone or tablet - please search "WeTransfer" in App Store or Google Play.

  • WhatsApp - if your recording is on your phone you can use WhatsApp to send the file. Please send the file to 07824 416414.


Please email your diary to marketing@macintyrecharity.org

Need help?

If you have any questions or need help please contact us via email [javascript protected email address] with the subject "Lockdown Diaries"

How to use WeTransfer to send your file

More about how to use WeTransfer

Please make sure that file names do not include people's names. Please refer to our WeTransfer Protocol for details.

Consent by people supported by MacIntyre and MacIntyre employees

Once you send the diary we will contact you to confirm the consent records we have and to check whether the diary should be published anonymously.

Consent by family members

We want to make sure that we publish your diary according with your wishes. Please fill in this form before or after sending your recording to us.

Are you sending your own diary?

If you are sending the diary on behalf of someone else please give us the details of the person.

If you are sending a diary on behalf of someone supported by Macintyre we will check our records for their consent - please click "Send" now.
If it is your diary please continue with the form.

Can we publish the diary with your name?


Please confirm you give MacIntyre consent to publish the diary on our website and share on social networks.

Sharing on other websites

We work in partnership with many other social care providers and we might be asked to share your diary on their websites. Can we share your diary on other websites?