Louise tells us why the Keep Going……..Don’t Stop group is important to her

In the latest Let Your Voice Shine vlog, Louise tells us why being part of the Keep Going…….Don’t Stop! group is important to her.

The Keep Going…….Don’t Stop! group was formed in May 2016 to work alongside the Dementia Project team. Together with the rest of the group, Louise works hard to develop Easy Read resources about topics around health, growing older and wellbeing and gives ideas about how the resources created as part of the Dementia Project can be developed to communicate the messages in a way that makes sense to as many people as possible.

Many people that know the group well have commented on the remarkable difference they have seen in each person since the group was formed; Louise in particular has become far more confident in her ideas and sharing her opinion.

Sarah Ormston, MacIntyre’s Dementia Project Manager who works alongside the Keep Going…….Don’t Stop group, said:

“The confidence of the team is their greatest achievement. The silence is now beginning to fill with voice, opinion and laughter. Staff who know them comment proudly that they are different people to the people they were last year.”


  • Emma Killick says:

    The work that the group are doing is fantastic – some great resources are being developed. I am amazed by how confident Louise has become – to look into the camera and speak with such belief and passion about what she is doing. Being involved in something that is “important” to us as well as to and for others is rewarding.

  • I think that this is a lovely video blog from Louise.

    Louise is a valuable member of the Keep Going……Don’t Stop! Group and shares in this video blog why being part of the Dementia Project Steering Group/KGDS is important to her.

    I find it really rewarding to see how much she has grown in confidence, even in the short time since I joined in February. A big thank you to Nicky, Sandra, Dave, Sue and all members of the Keep Going…….Don’t Stop! group for all the fantastic work that they do. A big thank you as well to The Checkers who we work so closely with, as well as anyone that supports the work that we do.

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