Lydon talks us through his week with MacIntyre No Limits

This week Lydon takes time out of a MacIntyre No Limits Learners Conference to tell us about his typical week. His enthusiasm and the positive outcomes which he’s experienced are clear to see. However what the film isnโ€™t able to show is the huge amount of progress and change that this represents for him.

Bruce Smith, Programme Co-ordinator for No Limits explains:

“Lydon was anxious when he began his No Limits support as he saw his timetable as too much change to his previous routine. At the same time as going through a transition to No Limits, he was also moving house so there was a lot of uncertainty for him.

Working with Lydon, we developed a personal timetable structured around him which has allowed him to understand his week, take ownership of his support and fully embrace what No Limits has to offer. Lydon now thoroughly enjoys planning his activities and designing his timetable, and so far has a 100% attendance record!”


  • Helen Little says:

    Lovely to hear someone so positive and truly enjoying their time with MacIntyre Love the pony too Lydon ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nicola Payne says:

    Wow it sounds like a very busy week Lydon but you seem very happy when you talk about what you do.
    You do a real mixture of things. I love the sound of “Footy Golf”. Thank you for sharing your week.

  • Bruce Smith says:

    Brilliant video, showcases the diversity of Lydons timetable. Thanks Catherine for taking the time to film Lydon and get to know him!
    Well done Lydon for making such excellent progress so far.

  • Gwenne McFadzean says:

    Oh wow Lydon you are SO busy! Thank you for telling us about all the things you do at MacIntyre. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Eunice Alabran says:

    Fantastic. Its nice to see Lydons in control of his life and you are enjoying every bit of it.
    well done, keep it up

  • Lyn Mawhinney says:

    Lydon is an amazing young man that I have the pleasure of working with .
    What a lovely Video , Well done Lydon

  • Jackie Alexander says:

    Thank you for sharing your busy week Lydon! I can see you get a lot of pleasure from your activities and keeping busy!

  • sam Wilkins says:

    That’s my baby xMum is do proud of

  • Katie lynch says:

    I have known Lydon since he was a baby, it’s amazing to see how much progress he has made what a very busy week you have Lydon keep up all your hard work xxx never forget Wednesday’s made me smile

  • Emma Killick says:

    Fantastic – such an active week and great to see how positive Lydon is about everything he is doing. Well done to Lydon but also a huge well done to the team who have supported him and enabled him to take all this in his stride.

  • Carly Lewis - Taylor says:

    Well done Lydon thats my boy! Sooo proud of you & for settling in with Macintyre! I am so honoured to be your keyworker & love my little pony also xxx

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