MacIntyre and Aged Care Channel TV

Aged Care Channel TV (ACCTV) approached MacIntyre in June to be its expert consultant in a learning programme being made about Learning Disability. After an initial meeting with Sue Ascott (Director) and Sarah Ormiston (Learning and Development Advisor) to discuss what was needed and explore initial ideas, it was agreed that the group could work together.

ACCTV makes educational films for care home staff that work with older people. Learning Disability was a topic identified by care home staff that they wanted to know more about. The learning programmes are shown to care home staff in England and Australia using a satellite channel.

Emma (Director – Adult Services), Karen Duggan (MacIntyre Dementia Project Manager), Rosie Joustra and Rachel Silver (Self Advocates) are the expert consultants on behalf of MacIntyre. They have been involved in reviewing the content of the programme, the actual script that is used during filming as well as making the film to share knowledge and best practice. To help the group understand the whole process, they also visited the ACCTV studios in Milton Keynes and had informal meetings where they were able to ask questions as well as give ideas to be included in the programme.

filming-in-the-bakeryIn early October a film crew from ACCTV filmed at Great Holm, Milton Keynes over four days. The purpose of this was to show people with a learning disability being engaged in work and hobbies. Many people were involved – some filmed working in the Bakery or Café, some had “walk on parts”, some were filmed with the “professional TV” presenter as he was doing his piece to camera, a few were interviewed directly, others helped the crew each day – whatever their role everyone had a fantastic time and they were never short of willing volunteers.

The next stage is for the group to review a draft version of the programme and give their comments. After that, they will attend a live studio broadcast on the day the learning programme is aired on satellite, in February 2017. Once that is complete, we will receive our own copy of the learning programme. The plan is to hold a “premier style” event to show everyone who has been involved as well as their family and friends. Watch this space!

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